Take the frustration and mystery out of your autoimmune disease.

Control your outcome by designing a healing plan that works for you using proven lifestyle changes.



Hi, I'm Frank, the health coach! After recovering from my own autoimmune disease (Celiac Disease) and playing an integral support role for my wife's recovery from Hashimoto Thyroiditis and an undiagnosed mixed connective tissue autoimmune disease, it became clear that I needed to share my knowledge and help others heal, too.

Now I help people with any autoimmune disease to understand their disease, and how to create a healing plan unique to them using lifestyle and diet changes founded in functional medicine methodology.

Through an empathic understanding of your situation and offering more than a decade of personal experience, research, and the best resources I have found, I can walk with you to determine the best next steps for your healing plan.

My services are most effective for people looking to reverse (or significantly improve) their autoimmune disease through:  

  • Targeted and individualized diet changes 
  • Implementing lifestyle alterations that improve environmental and emotional stress on the immune system  
  • Learning the intricacies of autoimmune disease and the immune system  
  • Confidently being in the driver seat on their journey toward healing

"I decided to work with Frank because I was frustrated with my doctors and lack of results; and was looking for new healthy lifestyle tips. Frank helped me develop a new daily routine, diet, and introduced me to many helpful resources. He’s professional, knowledgeable, helpful, and a great listener. I’m excited to continue to implement the information and strategies in my daily life."

— Tonya Z.



This 12 week group-coaching program was developed specifically to answer the big question: "I just need to know what to do next." Reversing an autoimmune disease through lifestyle changes and natural means can be confusing. There's just SO much information out there... and it doesn't always agree. But, instead of searching for the "magic protocol", gain the knowledge to choose your own next steps. Learn the science of how lifestyle changes affect your autoimmune disease, and how it may hold the key to reversing it.



The power of coaching continues to surprise. It gives you the space and freedom to navigate challenges and to explore making changes in your life that require deep, personal motivation and robust planning. In the realm of autoimmune disease, this is particularly important when trying to implement lifestyle changes such as diet, stress modulation, sleep, exercise, and reducing overall toxic burden, that have been shown to improve and reverse autoimmune disease . Are you ready to make the change?

After my MS diagnosis, Frank encouraged me to research and adopt healthy lifestyle changes (diet, supplements, sleep, etc.) that seemed completely overwhelming at first. His constant encouragement and the fact that he and his wife are living proof of the healing these changes can make gave me the motivation to adopt and stick to them! I haven't looked back, and not only that, but continue to improve on all the MS evaluation metrics at my neurologist appointments each year.

— Don M.

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